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Aqua Relax

Women and men treatments

Welness Aqua massage 30 min - 49€
Light legs treatment
Made for tired heavy legs. Using a refreshing gel helps to soothe the legs and gives an immediate relief.
45 min - 58€
Back Relax
A back treatment which includes a purifying and a relaxing action. The treament starts with a careful back cleaning and a relaxing massage, then a self-heating mud is put on the back to unclog pores. Tensions disappear and the back is cleaned.
1h00 - 69€
Sea treasure
Draining and relaxing massage. A sea water gel is used for this treatment.
1h00 - 75€
1h30 - 115€
Sea Holistic Face and Body
Exfoliation, body massage ans facial treatment with salt crystals and lavender flowers for a beautiful skin.
1h30 - 125€
Aromavedic Body
Relaxing massage with the oil of your choice.
1h00 - 85€
Aromavedic Face and Body
Relaxing massage with the oil of your choice and facial treatment.
1h30 - 125€
Hot stones
Relaxing treatment with hot stones. Ritual massage inspired from the ancestral traditions of the Indians of America. Your tensions disappear thanks to the hot and cold volcano stones.
1h00 - 89 €
Candle Ritual
Relaxing massage with a smooth and hot elixir.
1h00 - 88 €

Foot reflexology
Help the body thanks to various stimulations and foot massage. If regularly made, it helps the body to work correctly.

1h00 - 69 €
Relaxing, draining and slimming massage with circulatory virtues.
1h15 - 109 €
Squeezes all over the body that help to get a better harmony between the body and soul. If regularly made, it helps to handle stress, skin quality, fatigue...
1h30 - 119 €
Relaxing and soothing, it relieves body tensions as well as fatigue.
1h30 - 129 €
Energizing massage made with stamps composed of Dead sea salt, essentials oils and Hymalaya stones.
1h45 - 159 €
Oligomer Spa
Relaxing and energizing, the treatment gives an experience with various sensations thanks to the OLIGOMER©, the PHYTOMER asset and its remineralizing and strenthening benefits.
1h30 - 125 €